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oOoxXx Ulol ang kumagAt DitO xXxoOo

nang mamulat si eba sa kahayupan ni adan

ThiS is mY passionate life.
At least that's what i think and this is the most.

to all the guys who had been a part of my life ,
thank you for teaching me how to love, how to live...

you made me...
who i am now.
i'm doing great
because of you guys

ulol...naniwala ka naman...
tungaks ka talaga kahit kelan
puro perwisyo at pasakit and dulot niyo sa kin

putangina nyo lahat!!!
hindi naman sa nilalahat, asar lang ako...
sa mga lalaking ang kakapal ng mukha... mamatay na kayo!!

sirA ka Ba??
pahinga ka na lang

haay naku... sama ng timpla ko
pero hindi pa naman sarado ang pinto ko
pati bintana ng buhay ko, pilit kong binubuksan

Na sana ako'y...
magtiwalang muli
sana lang.
yuck...corny... banas yun ah!!

utot mo... ika nga ni Sandara
ika naman ni Aldo'y pasaway ka!

magtigil ka!!

let's be friends na lang
mas mabuti pa
ano, payag ka ba?
ayoko ng fucking friends...
no puwede

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Location: metro manila, Philippines

im the tormented pleaser, born under the star of Taurus, year of the dog, eldest in the family, currently working my ass off for no reason, i am my own comforter, afraid of confrontations and leeches, loves to eat donuts(classic), and loves to drink flavored water. I am an optimistic person. i love my friends, i am thoughtful, i strongly believe, i dont fall in love easily...for now.

likes: doughnuts and coffee | guy and gay friends | optimism |sensible talkers|music|
hates: prententions | assholes | lame-stupid people|rejections| rants|leeches|

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Pronunciation: mO-'tel
Function: noun
Etymology: blend of motor and hotel
: an establishment which provides lodging and parking and in which the rooms are usually accessible from an outdoor parking area
Synonyms: cabin, court, hotel, inn, lodge, resort, roadhouse
But is it really connecting to its own definition? i dont think so. hotel..err... motel has now become a residence for lovers or to be safe for people who wants a quickie sex or just a make out.
My view on this is that i disagree. not to the idea of others doing it but i disagree for myself to do that. I dont think i can go inside the "establishment". Its like showing to other people what you're about to do. Home is still the best palce for me. Nobody could beat it. what else would you and your partner do when you enter in a motel? okey, let's be sarcastic, you'll stare at each other until you feel dizzy that you wanted to take a snap and buzz off to dreamland...yeah right!!!! Come on.. let's be true..people who usually og to such places wouldnt only rest thier tired bodies...they wouldnt just go their, pay atleast 95 bucks for a tv.
My fling once asked me to go inside and it old him no, he answered we would just watch tv because he's trying to catch a tv show. and i asked him, "then after the show, what shall we do? can we go home after it?" he gave me this devilish smile and whispered if we could do know what it is..since i dont go all the way..make out, okey. This is for those who couldnt get the idea...arrghh..!
my conclusion is that, go find a house.

the tormented pleaser at Saturday, February 26, 2005

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If you see me walking the road with someone else,
It's not because I like his accompany...
Its because you're not brave enough to walk
beside me.

If you hear me talking about him all the time
Its not because he pleases me
Its because you're too deaf to hear my heartbeat

If you feel me falling with someone new
Its not because I love him..
But because you're not there to catch me fall

If you feel lost, I too am nowhere
I too don't know where the road is going

Are we gonna cross each other's path
Or just completely turn around?..

Will we just let go of what we had
Or go to the place where love is bound

Don't let me walk with him,
It's you I want to walk with..

Don't let me talk of him,
it's you I want to talk with..

Don't let me fall for him,
It's you I want to fall in love with..


When you thought I wasn't brave enough to
walk beside you
I was behind you every step of the way
Still filled with awe because of the beauty that
stand before me

When you thought I was too deaf to hear your
I didn't want to assume anything
And I was afraid to lose our friendship

When you thought I wasn't there to catch you,
It was because you never gave me the chance

You never reached the bottom,
you've already grabbed a branch

If you feel like you are nowhere, I too am lost
I too don't know where the road is going

Are we just going to turn around,
Or are we gonna cross each other's path?

Will we just let go of what we had
Or go to the place where love is bound?

Don't let me walk alone
I want to walk by your side

Don't let me talk of something else
It's you I want to talk with

Don't let me fall for someone else
It's you I want to fall in love with..







Thank You Florian Baltonado for this wonderful e-mail!

the tormented pleaser at Saturday, February 26, 2005

Image hosted by Thursday, February 24, 2005

no time for love right now

sorry..but i just couldnt insert the my life right now...even hard could that boys in my life right now...even a fling won't do...i cant cope up with things right so preoccupied with something else..

Are those excuses..excuses..excuses...well, i hope it's not!!! because if it is...i pity myself...uurrhh...poor me!!! i am not hopeless..that's all!!! hearing a warning..that's a defense mechanism....ooppsss contradicting myself...not a good sign...

the tormented pleaser at Thursday, February 24, 2005

Image hosted by Sunday, February 20, 2005

nyaahkkk..the question ey"!! hahahaha... but seriously when will i be in love? i certainly dont know. Although deep inside im so dying to be in love. I was so happy the last two days because my views on love wanst so demented fact, deepak chopra has views about love just like mine. And Paolo Coelho's new novel, the one with the title Eleven minutes, Maria (the main character) talk about her views of love the same way as i do! Wow..i was so happy, i cant believe my views on love was that big!!! haahahaha...

But wait, what really is my definition or should i say when should i say im inlove? Maria said that love was a voluntary enslavement which i definitely agree!! All of my life i kept saying that i love a person when i can sacrifice everything, i can give up evwerything, i can manage to leave my world and go to his, when you dont think of what's gonna happen when you go with him, when you surrender! You give in to that person, you cant say no.

Also, you go with that person, knowing all the pain and miseries that you might go through but you never decline! that's surrendering!

I am planning to read the novel of Paolo Coelho because i have scanned the book and i liked it, i think i can relate with Maria in terms of her beliefs in love, in life.

the tormented pleaser at Sunday, February 20, 2005

Image hosted by Saturday, February 19, 2005

i dunno...maybe...i think so...hindi naman lahat ng oras...medyo...ewan ko!!!

hahaha... yun ang mga random answers ko...pretty nice di ba..parang hindi ako babae..wahhahaahaha...hindi..badtrip lang ako dahil forst day ko ngayon...

wait...about something..meron nga ba akong "source"? this topic is an answer to the yesterday's conversation with a guy... actually meron but that doesnt mean na boys ang "ssouorce" ko... what i mean is i have my ways and means of finding my way out when im feeling something.....hehe...ewan ko!!! bahala na kayong mag isip!!!

the tormented pleaser at Saturday, February 19, 2005

Image hosted by Wednesday, February 16, 2005

hahaha...who says this year's v-day would be different for me?? HUh?HUH? who??!! As what should happen, happened!!! The v-day had gone by and i survived it without "someone". the v-day date is so cliche!! CAnt afford myself to join with the lovers out there. I'd rather go out with my family for a simple yet well-remembered v-day celebration and i would tease my mom and dad so hard that they wouldnt have a chance to not blush!!! such a family girl...i wanna be with my mom and dad, and my siblings!!! V-day was quite awful because people would rather stay home and not to go out on a date because they have no money.. oh well!!! at least wala akong ka-date para problemahan nung nakaraang 14th of February!!!!

the tormented pleaser at Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Image hosted by Wednesday, February 09, 2005

There's a guy named Bong, kinda hopeless you know!!!! As in todo hopeless talag...he begs for me to see him and worst thing is this line that he texted me... "Sige na naman Mariejun, date tayo at ipapatikim ko sa 'yo ang sarap at kaligayahang di mo pa nararanasan sa buong buhay mo"...HELLO???!!!! OKEY KA LANG???!!! Gago talaga...ganun ba talaga ang dapat niyang sabihin?? AARRGGHHH.... HOPELESS KA!!!!!


dalawang bagay lang yun's either maniac siya sa sex..sugapa.... or panget siya , that's why he's acting that wala na sigurong papatol sa kanya!!! Sorry dude...but it's my opinion to your weird act!!! WEIRDO!!!!!!

the tormented pleaser at Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Image hosted by Tuesday, February 08, 2005 This morning, my good friend Mike texted me with this line..." ...jun mahirap ba akong mahalin?" I wanted to laugh but i thought why am i so biased against peopple who acts weird when in love? I replied him with words of encouragement and i told him he's a good person. But back to me, why am i so against "people being corny when they're in love"?
I dont attach myself too much in a relationship, maybe that's the reason that the only longest relationship i had was a year long. I grew up believing that if you're meant to be together, then you are, if not, well, then i guess you just have to part ways. I dont cling into realtionship, i really dont. I even don't exert any effort to hold on. I believe that people come and go in our life, so whether we like it or not, we just have to let go of them. No matter how hard and frustrating it is.
It's funny that when i'm into a relationship, i always condition myself, from the start of it, that this person whom i'm with will not stick forever. He will have to move on, to leave. I dont see myself growing old with a person. In short, sticking with the same person for the whole lifetime, for me, is impossible, if not, hard and seldom happens! I guess i conditioned myself too much with the belief that "people come and go and we have to let go" that i over-emphasized it.

the tormented pleaser at Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Image hosted by Monday, February 07, 2005

Sexuality...what is the term implying? Most people hearing sex would definitely cringed upon hearing the word "sex". Sex differs when it is being used... how come i feel comfortable hearing those words with friends? I cringed when a stranger would suddenly bring up such topic...because we all feel at ease talking complicated and sensitive matters with people we knew. Sex is a nice thing to talk about, just dont overdo the discussion. Hahaha..what i mean is sometimes people get caught up with the caught up, they think sex is a normal thing to discuss with anybody! You're should be dealed in a very different way... more of education, informational, and not relating your experiences of the thing you are feeling while discussing thye matter.
Sex on th ePhone is disgusting..irritating... so, if youre doing that, be sure to ask the other line's opinion regarding the matter, he/she might not like what you're doing and she/he was actually trying to distance the phone from her/his ears... Dream on dude!!!!

the tormented pleaser at Monday, February 07, 2005

Image hosted by Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nung hapon, around 4pm siguro, after my dismissal, me, jay and Aldo decided to go online. We wnt to Anonas, Cubao, but before that, hinintay namin si Aldo sa hallway, sa may canteen. Nadaanan kami ni Leah dun, so there, kwentuhan kami, until napunta usapan sa sex. Meron kasi akong exam ngayon sa Family Planning which basically includes sex, that's where the conversation started.
Itong good friend kong si Leah, eh masyadong close sa akin, the topic went to "fingering" alam mo na... then she reminded me about the experience i had with my ex-boyfriend about the so-called "fingering thing"... i didnt expect such line na nagulat ako. Sa sobrang gulat i screamed sa in talagang sigaw na malakas... then all the people in the hallway stared at me, i immediately brushed off the emotions i felt and acted as if "dedma"!!!

Nagashakkss.. kakahiya!!!

the tormented pleaser at Thursday, February 03, 2005

Image hosted by Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Ang susunod na Tanong at Sagot ay naglalaman ng paksang di nararapat sa mga magbabasang 15 taong gulang pababa (R-15).

Patnubay ng nakatatanda ay kailangan.

Tanong ni gailnx:

how can you say na virgin pa rin yung girl? di n ba virgin kung nagmamasturbate yun babae? i mean yung mga nag fifinger na babae?

thank you...

hanna salvanera wrote:

masasabi na ang isang girl ay d na virgin kapag nabasag n ung what do you called that basta ung ring inside the vagina either by having sex with a partner or by rape that is inserting any object to the can be called rape....un

jayne primo wrote:

di ko lang alam,pero kasi sabi nila once na napasukan n yan ng kung ano
mang bagay d na yun virgin!

"playmyfunkymuzik" wrote:

bastusin ka den no? pero eto lan ang masasabi ko, accoriding to my valuable resources (health teacher and mang totoy, tambay at nenengs sari-sari store), birhen pa ang isang babae kahit na magmasturbate pa siya. kaya naman huwag mabahala. dats all. (standing obation)

erwin joseph frago wrote:

being an experienced guy..i would have to say..anything that penetrates the vagina is considered devirginization..pero mas matindi syempre kung may nangyari nasa kanila nung guy..

"scarleths_09" wrote:

paano ba malalaman kung virgin ang babae?
Same things as guyz...
Ayon sa mga professors ko, there's no such things as that "DAW". Ang virginity daw is a matter of thinking...ewan ko magulo, pero naniniwala ako doon...

Sandra Pamittan wrote:

hi there! ang alam ko oral sex doesn't count. pero pag may penetration na sa vagina, hindi ka na virgin.

michael summers wrote:


for me, well... as long as di pa sya nagagalaw ng khit sinong guyz eh virgin parin sya

ysang antigo wrote:
hymen ba kamo? pag nabasag ang hymen hindi na virgin? err.. hindi yata ganon ang pagkakaexplain sa akin ng mga kilala kong medical experts. kse yung hymen, sobrang nipis daw non, pedeng mabasag yon kahit sa pagbibike lang daw. pero di dahil nabasag yon, e di ka na birhen. unless may penetration, don.. don mo lang masasabi na hindi ka na virgin.

"stp_rosasngdigma" wrote:

ang masasabi ko lang sayo...
at sa inyong lahat...
wag na wag nyong gagawing libangan
ang katangahan..

jay wrote:

kalokohan ung pag may nagpenetrate sa vagina hindi na virgin. ibig nyong sabihin ang paggamit ng tampons cause divirginization????

and... i don't think kabastusan ang paguusap tunkol sa virginity and masturbation so long as its for educational puroposes.

physically speaking, only if the hymen is broken will a girl no longer be a virgin. in my opinion, it is only when a penis has penetrated a vagina that a woman is divirginized.

Eponine wrote:

korek ka dyan,kabobo!

sa panahon ngayon na masyadong talamak na ang sex sa mga araw araw nating nakikita, talagang aware na kahit mga bata about it...

kaya lang, di natin maiiwasan na may mga tao pa ring makikitid ang utak sa pag iisip na importante pa rin ang mga babaeng virgin... as if!!!

I dont think that a woman's hymen is the manna of a good relationship....if that is the case, para na rin sinabi natin na all that there is in a man is what's between his legs....

o di ba?

sa kin lang, eh ano kung nde na virgin ang girl? may reason bakit ganun, and more likely di na natin pakialam masyado why she "lost" it... ang importante, kung mahal mo talaga ang girl (or even yung guy), you'd take them as they are, virgin or not...

yun lang pow!!! :)

~ si Eponine po!

"carlo" wrote:

nice question, but still syempre pakakasalan ko parin ung taong mahal ko kht malaman kong nde na sya virgin! mahal mo nga e, sa pa nde ka nmn mgpapakasal dahil gusto mo ng virgin e. sa panahon ngayon. virginity is like a bonus nalang! parang swerte ka kung
virgin pa. tama ba?

gud day mga kabobo

"beejay_reverend" wrote:

importante ang virginity ng isang girl dahil dito nasusukat kung gaano siya pakawala.

ayon sa isang survey madalas daw na nagkakahiwalay palagi ang mga may relation na hindi na virgin ang babae nung niligawan niya ito. ito ay ayon nga sa survey na yun

personally, importante talaga ang virginity, yung na lang kasi yata ang madalas na nag iisang natitira na lang sa babae matapos ang kani-kaninong pakikipagrelasyon kung kani-kanino.(hindi naman nilalahat)

the tormented pleaser at Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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i dont know...i kept on wondrin..when will i ever feel like this? this feeling of being unloved...being life is so complicated. I value my virginity so much, that this person continously asked me to do the thing but i always refuse, although deep inside i wanted to. and one more thing, this stupid v-day is here!!!

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