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oOoxXx Ulol ang kumagAt DitO xXxoOo

nang mamulat si eba sa kahayupan ni adan

ThiS is mY passionate life.
At least that's what i think and this is the most.

to all the guys who had been a part of my life ,
thank you for teaching me how to love, how to live...

you made me...
who i am now.
i'm doing great
because of you guys

ulol...naniwala ka naman...
tungaks ka talaga kahit kelan
puro perwisyo at pasakit and dulot niyo sa kin

putangina nyo lahat!!!
hindi naman sa nilalahat, asar lang ako...
sa mga lalaking ang kakapal ng mukha... mamatay na kayo!!

sirA ka Ba??
pahinga ka na lang

haay naku... sama ng timpla ko
pero hindi pa naman sarado ang pinto ko
pati bintana ng buhay ko, pilit kong binubuksan

Na sana ako'y...
magtiwalang muli
sana lang.
yuck...corny... banas yun ah!!

utot mo... ika nga ni Sandara
ika naman ni Aldo'y pasaway ka!

magtigil ka!!

let's be friends na lang
mas mabuti pa
ano, payag ka ba?
ayoko ng fucking friends...
no puwede

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Location: metro manila, Philippines

im the tormented pleaser, born under the star of Taurus, year of the dog, eldest in the family, currently working my ass off for no reason, i am my own comforter, afraid of confrontations and leeches, loves to eat donuts(classic), and loves to drink flavored water. I am an optimistic person. i love my friends, i am thoughtful, i strongly believe, i dont fall in love easily...for now.

likes: doughnuts and coffee | guy and gay friends | optimism |sensible talkers|music|
hates: prententions | assholes | lame-stupid people|rejections| rants|leeches|

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Image hosted by Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nov. 9th, 2004
11:39 am - when i feel like being in love and jealous as well

today is a very okay day, or so i thought!!!! Last two days, my friend ai, and my boylet (ex-boylet) Jojo, were calling, texting each other an dof course i was upddated by Ai since we are close friends and i happen to introduce her to that Jojo guy. Just a bit of confession, i really, really hate this guy jojo because he isnt my type at all. We only have 2 meetings which isnt just meetings at all. We went to his house, his room and we do the "make out" thing. I was plain stupid at that time, that's all. He was harassing me that i never bothered to answer his text messages, phone calls at all. in short, i only wanted to disappear... "sha-zoom"... to his life. No talks about parting or whatever. i was successful i think for almost a year, then one time a number called me at around 2 am and of course still drowsy from the deep sleep i had, i read the number as 0916, instead of 0919, hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouldnt have answered it, or atleast verified the number first before answering. It turned out to be him on the other line. I was hysterical at first, i lost for words actually. then, it all came down, him saying all these shortcomings of mine, that i never remember him, that i dont care about him...( well, ano pa nga ba?). And i told him, " can't you guess it? i never talked to you or even dared at all to try. that means, i'm kicking you out of my life...deerrr??~!!!!!" Bad news is that, it WAS his birhtday from the time he called. my conscience was biting me, and its lame. I feel like im so masama!!!! so there, it all happened as fast as i want it to be. but after that incident, he kept on miscalling my phone and it was really irritating. then, my phone got stolen, and thank God that's when he stopped.

Now, he and my friend is in a relationship. she answered him through phone, without seeing him or knowing him. then my friend kept on asking me about him and its pissing me off. The guy's a jerk an he even pointed out to my friend that i liked him and i was the one who kept asking him to go out on a date!!!! hellooo..... that's awful!!!! Now, he keeps on texting my friend and the cycle begans. it's him, i can tell.

the tormented pleaser at Wednesday, March 23, 2005
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